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Body Be Blogging!

Well, well. I've been avoiding the BLOG because it has the potential to become an obsession for me. As I prepare to bring the business back into action, BLOGGING is added to the must-do list. Maybe not must-do, but why not? Yes, I'm still officially closed, but we'll be back at it with exciting new changes very soon!

As many know, I've recently enrolled in a program to become an Ayurvedic consultant. My plan is to take that further into Ayurvedic Practitioner. (I'll still be doing massage, no worries!) As part of the Ayurvedic curriculum, I'm immersed in writing classes that have renewed my love and interest in the skill. Why not bring it to the practice?

This is just a test, as I familiarize myself with the tools and layout. I love playing with new toys! There will be more. Stay tuned...

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