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Make Like a Tree

Today celebrates my last visit to 100 Lincolnway, Suite 201, in a professional capacity.

It has been a delightful 4 years of cohabitating with Katie and the group at Sangha Center. The upper corner of that building has long housed a vibrant Wellness community and I'm sure it will continue to thrive for many years (especially if nourished by the delicious ROOTS below.)

I’m going to miss that view and the ambiance of the space. I will visit the memories I've made there with fondness for the people and gratitude for the experience. Thank you, everyone, who came to know and love the place. I can only hope the next venue will be so well received.

A maroon chair sits beneath an ornate wall clock and between a variety of live plants and dried florals. A door that leads to a treatment room for massage features stately crown-molding, giving the room a touch of elegance.
Whoever sat in this chair always made a nice picture!

It's time now, to grow and evolve... to strrretch out and let these branches unfurl. What new will blossom? I reach for the light of a future that shines and...

Know it is good~

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