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We are Open to All; a safe haven; a moment of sanctuary with full acceptance and no judgement.

We extend the Wellness principle of Mind, Body, Spirit to include the Earth Mother ~

Mind · Body · Spirit · Earth

So many spa and wellness therapies include botanical extracts, essential oils, muds, clays, and salts... massage oils and lotions, themselves, utilizing plant materials. Unadulterated product is so important for people with chemical sensitivities. Equally important is keeping the soil from which these materials are grown and the earth we take for preparations, healthy, alive, and able to replenish. Earth-friendly processing is best for the environment, our air, our waters, our very selves. 

Maintaining sustainable harvesting practice is paramount to a thriving market. There can be no market without product. And so, we will always endeavor to use organic ingredients from sources that maintain sustainable practices and do not exploit the human populations that work so hard to produce them.

We fully support local artisans!

We hold high regard for our herbalists and simplers; gardeners and farmers; makers of soaps, body oils, cosmetics who work their craft with care and passion. If you have produce or product we might be interested in using or selling, We're Here


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