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Services at Pines Village have resumed. Precautions remain in place to minimize risk of COVID spread to the Elders there.


Policies Regarding Infectious Illness:


There is no possible way to know if a sniffle means illness or allergy without proper diagnosis from a doctor. Please reschedule your appointment if you have any of the following issues:

Loss of Taste

Loss of Smell




Skin Rash/Broken Skin

Eye itch or infection


Sore Throat



Runny Nose

Chest Congestion



Any other communicable disease or illness

  • Those who suffer any of the above must be refused service and asked to return when better - no exceptions.

  • If you know you've been exposed to any contagious illness, please cancel your appointment. You may reschedule your session once risk of contagion has passed.

  • If cancellation is necessary due to unexpected exposure or illness, please do so as soon as possible. Your pre-payment will be refunded.

  • If your therapist is suffering any of the above, all clients will be rescheduled until risk of infection has passed - no exceptions.

  • Should we find that we have been exposed to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), our facility will close until we know everyone has tested negative and the place is virus-free.

  • We work with immuno-compromised individuals. The safety of all parties is of utmost importance. We will proceed with guidelines as set by Valparaiso policies for City buildings, services, and meetings.


Below is information, direct from the CDC website, regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. In case a 'new wave' should wash in, we shall continue to abide by whatever social-distancing guidelines are set, either by local or federal order. See this page or Like Us on Facebook for updates.


For further info in and around our community:

City of Valparaiso Alert Center
Porter County Health Department - Coronavirus Info

IN.GOV-Indiana's Novel Coronavirus Response

Be safe! Much love! Be Well!


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