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 · Offers relief from these painful conditions ·

Neck pain  .  Shoulder pain  .  Back pain  .  Hip issues

Relief of soreness after seizure

Sinus Headache


Nerve impingement

Frozen shoulder


Plantar fasciitis

Post-procedure relaxation after a hospital stay

Helps to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and PTSD

Post-surgical pain relief with doctor's release


Each service is tailored to meet your specific need. These needs may change from visit to visit. Discuss problem areas with your therapist. Request focus.

It’s all about what your body needs most.


Swedish Massage is the basis for most Western method. Deeper, therapeutic technique may be applied to help alleviate the source of greater muscle tension or referral source of pain.



Choose the session time that is right for you or browse through our other Therapies.

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· Gentle stretching is included with every Tailored Massage unless contraindicated. This service goes beyond ·  


Advanced stretching technique is applied to almost every major muscle group. 

  • Beneficial to all

  • Especially great for those enduring physical therapy or dealing with physical limitations

  • Particularly favored by athletes in training


Incorporated into your Tailored Massage session, the goal of Thera-Stretch Integration is to help improve range of motion, increase mobility and joint flexibility, stimulate synovial fluid production and lymphatic flow. 

Choose this service on a day of downtime, between workouts.

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· Session time devoted to what ails you the most ·

Detailed, focused work on a specific area or isolated muscle group. Includes mild joint play, light stretching, Swedish technique.​

Isolation Therapy is geared to help relieve pain associated with past injury, migraine, tension headache, or general soreness of a specific area due to over-use. Also a great warm-up for a visit to the chiropractor. Can help ease the pain associated with such injuries as torn rotator cuff and address conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica.

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· Enlisting the therapeutic properties of water and heat ·

Hydrocallator clay-packs incorporated into the service for deep, moist heat, work to soothe a stressed and fatigued body. Added heat helps comfort the nerves, allowing the muscle to relax. This will help reduce the chance of soreness that sometimes follows a tender area being worked.

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