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  • First-time clients: please arrive early to complete necessary intake and get acquainted with your therapist.


  • Once you are left alone in the treatment room, you may undress to your discretion and situate yourself under the top sheet and/or blanket of the table. 

  • During your session, you will be adequately draped at all times. The only area of the body exposed at any given time is the specific area being worked. Please be comfortable.


  • If you've booked a 'Just the Stretches' session, please wear comfortable clothing with a stretchy fit or something you might usually wear to work out. Yoga attire is perfect.


  • Massage is recommended at least once a month - once a week is not uncommon for some. Nobody knows what you need better than you do. Massage should be performed when you feel it's needed.

  • For troublesome issues, depending on your condition and desired therapeutic effect, we may recommend a series of treatments and can provide a schedule to fit those needs.

  • We cannot give you a medical diagnosis. Massage is not meant to be utilized as substitution for a doctor's care. It should always be used to bring calm relaxation and help balance homeostasis, or enhance medical treatment as a complementary therapy unless contraindicated.


Wellness Discounts are changing. Details coming soon. We will continue to offer our current discount policy to our servicemen who are on active duty as well as our military veterans.

Please present appropriate identification at time of payment. You will only have to do this your first visit, as record will be made in system.

  • Discounts may not be compounded.

  • If there is a special running, you will receive the greater discount.

  • Discounts do not apply to On-Site Services.


  • Late arrivals may have minutes deducted from the time allotted and are responsible to pay for the entire cost of the session.


  • For cancellations, please contact us within 3 hours of your appointment. Notice of cancellation is required to avoid any cancellation fees. Emergency situations always considered.


  • $30 or 30% of the session will be charged for last minute cancellations, whichever greater; no-shows will be obliged to pay in full.  Gift-certificates will be forfeit, equal to the cost of session; pre-paid minutes will be considered redeemed. Fees will be charged by credit card or flagged to your account and must be paid before next appointment can be made.

  • In case of inclement weather, rescheduling may be necessary on either part. We will be closed if travel restrictions have been put in place. We will contact all clients affected if and when affected. Check In.Gov's County Travel Status for advisories.

  • Rude or lewd behavior is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. This includes sexual impropriety, harassment of any kind,  intolerance of race or gender.

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