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Meet the Therapist

Susan Renée Fetsch · IPL #: MT20902017 · Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist · Body Be.LLC Proprietor

Susan Renée Fetsch

IPL No: MT20902017

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        the massage industry since 2002, I've spent years honing technique in clinical applications of massage and bodywork, allowing for intuitive touch to guide through every session. My clients are my best teachers and often, great students!

In January of 2020, I began my journey into the study of Ayurveda as I continue to broaden my knowledge and understanding of Eastern modalities. I can't wait to integrate these ancient practices more fully into my menu of services. For now, let us enjoy a gentle intro through massage therapy. 

Renee Fetsch has outstanding technique and knowledge of the muscular systems of the body. My weekly visits for the past two years have been a proactive way I have avoided stress, maintained muscular health, and helped to foster an emotionally positive attitude.


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