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Massage brings relief to taut muscle, allowing for better mobility and proper function. Massage promotes healing and enhances relaxation, helping to reduce stress and ease the pains of the everyday.

Whether it's for quiet comfort or a need for restorative focus on a particular area, massage works wonders on a body, easing tension and quelling the distress that's associated with nagging pain or discomfort. The effect massage has on a person's mental and even emotional state can be just as important as the physical. 


Therapies for sore, stressed, and tired bodies.

We offer a variety of services 

tailored to your needs.


What can massage do for the athlete?

Those who seek massage therapy on a regular basis see results in enhanced athletic performance, superior muscle tone, a reduced risk of injury, quicker recovery after rigorous activity, and improved mental state which allows for better focus and concentration.

The goal is to assist with rehabilitation using remedial protocols, focusing on upkeep or maintenance, paying particular attention to sore, over-taxed areas, joint stiffness, and/or past injury. 

Your session may be a bit more rigorous and interactive than a typical massage session, in order to invigorate and get the circulation moving. Otherwise, a more moderate routine may be in order, depending on what is needed at the time.


  • Proper maintenance should be scheduled once per week or bi-weekly, depending on your specific situation.  Package deals available in-house.

  • A maintenance session should last at least 30 minutes. No more than 90 minute sessions are recommended. 


60 Min | $85.00

Light massage and gentle compressions for those dealing with high anxiety; touch deprivation; past trauma. 

Feel free to remain fully clothed for this session. As always, it's about your personal comfort level.


We establish a safe word to be used in case anxiety becomes an issue. You should never feel fearful, trapped, or confined in any way.


Basalt touchstones provided to help keep you present and know you are safe.

-Or- personal artifacts are more than welcome in the treatment room, within reason.


Mild compressions, light body rocking, and gentle massage applied. Includes relaxing aromatherapy cocooning under weighted blanket, to calm frayed nerves. Choose from several organic essentials and signature oil blends.


· Working in harmony and in balance with the Seasons ·

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A Winter Warming favorite! Great any time of year.

tailored massage | soothe serum body treatment | steamed towels for face & feet | mentholated cocooning | hot-pack compressions


Enjoy the Season of Winter Warming with a bit of Winter Bliss

The treatment table is heated to take off the chill. The massage is tailored to meet your needs. 

Steamed towels open the pores and relax the senses. Our Soothe Serum treatment for scalp, neck, face, & feet is Wintery bliss. The mentha-laden botanical oil offers a pleasing sensation for the sinuses. Once the serum is massaged in, we'll cocoon you in a tight bundle while you enjoy the steamy hot clay packs.

You'll leave feeling decompressed, decongested, and breathing easy.


Start a healthy Winter Warming regime. Indulge in Winter Bliss with a boost of added Wellness.

tailored massage | soothe serum body treatment | steamed towels for face & feet | mentholated cocooning | hot-pack application | castor oil compress w/abdominal massage


All the comforts of Winter Bliss with the added benefit of abdominal massage.


A castor oil compress is rested on the abdomen with a hot clay compress, to allow the heat to set in deeply. Tailored for those in need of abdominal work for digestive issues or detox programs. It can be tailored for structural issues as well.

Abdominal massage is not for everyone and may be contraindicated for some. A castor oil compress may be also be contraindicated. 

There is nothing erotic about this (or any) service offered at Body Be Wellness. Inappropriate solicitations will be reported.



A most fragrant and calming service - uplifting of mood and caring for the heart


tailored massage | everything roses serum | stone-rose facial | rosewater spritz 

The massage is tailored to what you need for the day, enhanced with our Everything Roses serum.


This luxurious elixir is laden with roses (and other calming botanicals) that have been drenched in jojoba & the oil of the rosehip seed - a total indulgence for the skin.  A cooling stone-rose facial massage will follow, using smooth rose-quartz crystals. An all-over spritz of rosewater will bring the session to a close.

As a Mother's Day Special: a spot of our Mother Luv tea is enjoyed before or after the session. The gift of one tea-ball infuser filled with its delights is yours to take home and enjoy for later - while supplies last. 


Inspired by vintage services and back-rubs of old. Fashioned with the fellas in mind. (Ladies, we don't mind if you wanna try too!)


60 Min | $90.00
75 Min | $105.00
90 Min | $125.00


Steamed towels for back, chest, face, & feet | Tailored Massage | (vodka) Spirit Rub | Good, old-fashioned tapotement

A favorite for Father's Day!

Choose from spirits imbued with sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender, or witch hazel - traditional barbershop botanicals. We'll splash it on the skin as you're tenderized with tapotement massage, tailored to your preference of pressure. (Think karate-chop action, y'all!)  You'll be adorned with steamed towels throughout the session and finished with a spirit rub on the feet for good measure.

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